Why Employers don't contact me?


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Here are the most common reasons (turn-off points) why employers may not contact you:

1. Your excerpt or resume doesn't contain specific information.

2. If you ask for a higher rate than your qualification or experience can justify.

3. If you send a message as a quick alternative for an application. (This action can get your account banned without warning).

4. If your application contains unpleasing or non-specific content like “Hi, I am looking for a job”.

5. If you give instructions to employers as to how and when they should contact you.

6. Contacting the employer to ask for updates about your application.

7. Ask the employer to invite you for an interview.

Note: In most cases Employers gets many applications for jobs advertised and positions in the cleaning industry gets filled pretty quick as cleaners are high in demand. While some Employers makes it clear that "We will only contact shortlisted candidates", others don't mention this however, this is how it normally works. This can be frustrating, so the best advise we can give is to apply for another job if you did not hear from the Employer after 2 weeks.

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