How should I style my "Excerpt"?


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What is an Excerpt?

A sweet and short, well-thought attention grabber to described to the potential employer why you believe that you would be an asset to their business and what you can offer to fulfil their business needs, which may lead them to look further into your application.

Why is it so important?

The Excerpt is the most important part of your application as this is what employers will see first. If this doesn't grab their attention, they may not even reach the point to look at your Resume, meaning that you may miss an opportunity.

What should it include:

  • Residential status. If on a Visa, the date of expiration.
  • Your qualities or strengths that you can offer.
  • English language only.

What should it not include:

  • What you are looking for.
  • Previous work experience.
  • Why you need the job.
  • Address or contact details.
  • Information about the job you are applying for.

In the first example you can see that the candidate doesn't have cleaning experience, yet they made up for it by mentioning other qualities they can offer.


I am from Argentina in NZ on a WHV which is valid til [date]. I am characterized by my dedication, reliability, and strong work ethic. While I do not have cleaning experience in a professional environment, my exceptional communication skills, proactive mindset, and adaptability in my previous work environment allow me to excel in any situation. My honesty, eye for details and enthusiasm will therefor make me an ideal candidate for any team seeking a hands-on and motivated worker.
I am a forward-thinking individual committed to achieving a better future through dedicated work in the present. My diverse experiences have shaped me into an adaptable and enthusiastic worker with a strong focus on teamwork and continuous growth. I am eager to contribute my skills and energy to a dynamic team, with a relentless drive to learn, improve, and deliver outstanding results.
I am an Energetic and motivated individual with diverse experience in the cleaning Industry. Demonstrates strong teamwork, proactivity, effective communication, and a keen willingness to learn and excel. Strives for continuous improvement while maintaining a present-focused approach towards achieving a better future.

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