What are the requirements for Registration?


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Our purpose is to help you finding a job, therefor we hate declining someones profile however, your profile is your “online face.” It’s the first impression a potential Employer gets about you and without this we will not be able to approve your profile.

Please double check that the following are completed correctly:

Photo: It must be a clear, current, head and shoulders photo of yourself facing the camera, without headwear or eyewear. See the required standard here.

Excerpt: This information could be your ticket to your next job as this is what Employers look at first. It’s a summary of the best of who you are and why a company should employ you. If this info is incomplete, then you should not expect them to open your Resume because they may already have lost interest. See how to style your Excerpt here.

Address: Start typing your address and Google will find it, then select from the drop-down. If your address is not complete, it will not be displayed on the map, so potential Employers will not be able to find you. If you are not comfortable with providing your address, please do not use this website. See here.

Resume: This should be in pdf format, up to date and the Working History should indicate the month and year when jobs were started and finished. Your Resume should not include any other documents and should contain no non-English content. See how to create a basic NZ standard Resume here.

Resume Category: Only ad fields that you have professional experience in. This means that you got paid while working for a registered business, in NZ or abroad and that shows in your Resume. If you have no experience then that is okay, you may still have great personal qualities that Employers are looking for. In this case choose the "No Cleaning Experience" option. See here.

Visa Expiration Date: If you are in NZ on any type of Visa, then the expiration date thereof needs to be indicated in this field. See more information on various visa types here.

Payment: Choose a package and continue to checkout. For more information as to what you are paying for, please see here.

If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out to live chat support.

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